Questions & Answers


How do we get started?

We like to begin the process by gathering as much information about your project, as possible. Anything you can share, such as architectural drawings, colors, tiles, materials, your design ideas or philosophy, will help us get an overall impression of what inspires you and your organization. Once we have the initial conversation, we will create a presentation outlining the design details, materials, colors, hardware, fonts, sizes and cost, for you to review. We then make any fine tuning that may be necessary and move into production of your order.

We are in the early stages of planning our capital campaign. When should we begin thinking about our donor recognition plan?

Even if you are in the beginning stages of your capital campaign, it's a great idea to start your donor recognition plan now. We can help you generate excitement for your project by creating beautiful full color designs and plaque samples you can show to your prospective donors. Using the design in your flyers and on your website will help solidify your vision for the project in the minds of donors.

We really want to implement a long term donor recognition plan that's beautiful, yet easy to update. Is that possible?

When we create a donor recognition plan for your project, we listen to your needs and design accordingly. You may need a permanent sign to recognize particular donors, but memorial walls are where you recognize ongoing donations. We will design your wall with the flexibility to grow as your donations grow, making it easy to add donor names.

How long does the process take?

The time frame to complete your order will depend on the quantity and design details specific to your project. We encourage starting your project as soon as possible. After the design approval is received, a typical project may take 8 - 16 weeks. We make every effort to work within your timeline to make certain everything is ready when you need it.

How much does it cost?

We design our donor recognition to work for your unique space and within budget, so pricing varies from project to project. The cost is determined by the quantity, size and artistic requirements of each project but we have some general pricing for our standard size pieces that we email upon request. As a general guide, organizations typically spend 1%-3% of the total funds raised on their donor recognition.

Can we see a sample of your glass?

Absolutely! Samples are made in a variety of color schemes with sample text already depth carved into the glass. It’s a perfect way to see the quality and artistry that goes into all of our work. Afterwards, you are welcome to keep the sample or return it for a refund.

Can you create a design for us to see?

Absolutely! We have two options:

  1. We can digitally insert your logo and sample text over one of our existing designs. This is a great way to share your vision with colleagues and donors involved in the decision making process.

  2. We can create a new design concept from scratch tailored to your project and facility. A design deposit is required and it includes a custom made glass sample. The design deposit amount varies depending on the scope and detail of the project. You can get in touch with us here.